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Bison retires on a high note

We went to Canada this weekend, and Bison took Best of Breed all three shows. He earned three points, but didn't make the cut in group. While this leaves him 7 points shy of his Canadian championship, he won't get an opportunity to snag them.

Bison is now retired from the conformation ring. After 3 1/2 years of showing and 91 trips around the AKC (75), CKC (3), UKC (8), and UCI (5) rings, his career as a pretty boy is over. During his career, he was placed ahead of 95 dogs and 11 bitches in his breed. He earned Best of Breed once in AKC, 3 times in CKC, 8 times in UKC (with 8 group placements -- two group 1s!), and 3 times in UCI. He earned championship titles in UCI, AKC, and UKC, and ranked #1 in breed for UKC in 2005. He'll be ranked #1 again in UKC when the rankings are updated again.

He managed to earn his CD and RE titles, as well as TDI and CGC certifications and two legs towards his U-CD while intact. He may wind up being ranked in the top 5 for AKC Novice A dogs in the breed in all three ranking systems.

We will be trying to finish off the U-CD in October, and may contemplate the CKC CD in September if Bison is not ready for the Novice Draft Dog title.

My favorite trips around the ring with him? Getting to exhibit him as a special at Nationals was great, finishing his AKC Championship was memorable, and the time I showed him stoned is "high" on the list. But that first time around the ring probably is the best of the best.

His return to the conformation ring is slated for 2009 at the BMDCA National Specialty in Oregon. Seems like a LONG time from now. He'll be just too young to show at the BMDCSEW Specialty that year by about a month.

Thank you my good buddy for a great education in showing. You've managed to be first in just about everything.

For now, he's CH U-CH UCICB Southwind TME Purple Majesty CD RE CGC TDI. And many more letters to come!
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