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Anne Rogers Clark

As some of you know, Annie is on the brink right now as she's suffering from kidney failure and is refusing dialysis. She's remaining one tough old bird and is hanging on, but the future is a bit bleak.

For those of us who have had the opportunity to show to her or see her judging at Westminster and other shows, we know that we are about to lose a legend as an exhibitor (first female to win Westminster), breeder (Rimskittle dogs owned non-sporting), judge (first to judge all groups and BIS), and historian ("Annie on Dogs", among numerous speeches at breed clubs).

I didn't exactly have a pleasant experience showing to her. She withheld WD and RWD from me in Duluth back when I was just starting out after gruffly mauling my dog. I'm thankful it wasn't the first weekend I was showing -- I'd have never come back (as is, it took me 2 months to go back to a show and six months to get another point). A few years later, I was waiting for the photographer to set up so I could get a shot with my Aussie girl, who at 14 1/2 had earned her first Rally leg. Annie came up from the Best in Show ring with a gorgeous Boxer she had pulled from the classes and I let her go in front of me. She looked down at Pockets, who was an old school Aussie when she was whelped and said "We old girls have to stick together". Pockets lunged at her (and privately got a big reward for that) -- she didn't like being called old!

Anyone else care to share memories of Annie?
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