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Raising the monster...

I made a casual remark the other day that Bison weighed 77 lbs when he made his show debut at 33 weeks old, and that it was funny that Orca weighed that for his debut (at 27 weeks) and Panda did as well (at 7 1/2 years!).

I just went back and looked at Bison's weight. He didn't weigh 77 lbs at his first show -- he was 66 1/2. He didn't reach 77 lbs until he was around 9 months old.

Orca is projecting out to be 110-115, but I'm a bit frighted what that 9-11 month growth spurt will do to him.... we may have to enter Open classes lest we trample the other pups!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlyrpF-HbKE shows his last B-match. He was MUCH better behaved in the real AKC ring... took Best Puppy the first day, won his class the second day, and was strongly looked at for reserve on his fourth show (nothing like a 4 day show to proof a pup!)
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