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Friday, January 16th, 2009
2:41 pm
Общеобразовательная программа «Психология мелких домашних животных»

1.         Руководитель программы. Кандидат пс. наук, мл. научный сотрудник Никольская Анастасия Всеволодовна.

2.         Контакты: 8 985 773 55 14, e-mail: tonokazutoya@bk.ru

3.         Цель программы. Программа будет полезна ветеринарам, кинологам, фелинологам, заводчикам и обычным владельцам собак и кошек. Полученные в ходе лекций знания ветеринары могут применять при дифференциальной диагностике отклоняющегося поведения животных, кинологи смогут обращать внимание на проблемы владельцев и разрабатывать подходы к дрессировке, привлекая, по возможности, всех членов семьи, заводчикам данная программа подскажет, на какие особенности поведения и развития щенков и котят следует обратить пристальное внимание, чтобы сформировать адаптивное поведение животных в раннем онтогенезе, наконец, для владельцев эта программа будет полезной тем, что поможет обратить внимание на возможные собственные проблемы, которые не осознаются и выносятся в плоскость нарушений взаимодействия с домашними питомцами.

4.      Программа будет полезна ветеринарам, кинологам, фелинологам, заводчикам и обычным владельцам собак и кошек.

5.          Диплом. По окончании обучения слушатели получают сертификат факультета психологии МГУ о том, что они прослушали цикл лекций по психологии мелких домашних животных.

6.         Сроки обучения. Объем программы –72 ак. часа. Продолжительность обучения – 2 месяца. Занятия проводятся 2 раза в неделю с 18.00 до 20.50, по Начало занятий со 2 марта 2009 г.

7.         Форма обучения. Очная, вечерняя.

8.         Оплата. Стоимость обучения за 72 ак. часа составляет 16 000 рублей

9.         Прием документов. С 26 января 2009  по 28 февраля.

10.     Адрес приемной комиссии. Москва, ул. Моховая, д. 11 

11.     Перечень документов. Паспорт, 2 фотографии 3х4

12.     Условия приема.  Приглашаются все желающие.

Friday, February 29th, 2008
12:45 pm
Sunday, August 12th, 2007
6:44 pm
New community for working Shetland Sheepdogs!
A friend of mine and myself have started a new community, for those of you who compete with your Shelties and/or have working Shelties! This community is open to anyone with a Sheltie (or a significant interest in Shelties,) who competes, or has an interest in at least one venue, including but not limited to: Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Rally-Obedience, Herding, Tracking, Therapy work, Service work, etc. etc. Additional information and rules can be found on the community profile. Please come join us, and have fun talking about the versatility of this wonderful breed!

sheltiesperform sheltiespeform sheltiesperform

Current Mood: blah
Thursday, July 12th, 2007
6:06 pm
Dead cats dogs found in pet food!
UPDATE: List of foods and actual lawsuit link:
Mars inc, Proctor and gamble co. Colgate Palmolive co. Del Monte foods,
co. Nestle USA, inc. Nutro Products inc, Menu foods, inc. Menu Foods Income
fund Publix supermarkets Winn Dixie super markets Petco animal supplies Pet
Supermarket, inc. Petsmart inc. Target corp Wal-mart stores, inc.


Thank you for the update madlovescience!

PLEASE don't watch the video if you have a weak stomach, it may be a bit much.


X-posted like whoa.
Friday, June 1st, 2007
3:28 pm
we have a pappie special for you)
Good afternoon)
We are - russian kennel of dogs Cane Corso - "Ollada Arlekin")
Оллада Арлкин Норт и Оллада Арлекин Сюита

In our kennel always are a lot of pappies.You can find here as a show-class dog, as a friend and bodyguard for you and your family)

Dogs from our kennel are winners of many international dog's shows.

If you are interesting...
You can call us - +7(916) 2941657
You can write us - ollada_arlekin@mail.ru
Our ICQ- 377-628-432
Our web - www.olladaarlekin.com

We will be happy to help you find your new best friend)

Оллада Арлекин Вивальди

the owner of the kennel - Irina Fernandes

P.S. sorry for mistakes...
Thursday, December 21st, 2006
7:58 am
Annie has passed
Anne Rogers Clark passed away last night
Tuesday, December 19th, 2006
8:55 am
Anne Rogers Clark
As some of you know, Annie is on the brink right now as she's suffering from kidney failure and is refusing dialysis. She's remaining one tough old bird and is hanging on, but the future is a bit bleak.

For those of us who have had the opportunity to show to her or see her judging at Westminster and other shows, we know that we are about to lose a legend as an exhibitor (first female to win Westminster), breeder (Rimskittle dogs owned non-sporting), judge (first to judge all groups and BIS), and historian ("Annie on Dogs", among numerous speeches at breed clubs).

I didn't exactly have a pleasant experience showing to her. She withheld WD and RWD from me in Duluth back when I was just starting out after gruffly mauling my dog. I'm thankful it wasn't the first weekend I was showing -- I'd have never come back (as is, it took me 2 months to go back to a show and six months to get another point). A few years later, I was waiting for the photographer to set up so I could get a shot with my Aussie girl, who at 14 1/2 had earned her first Rally leg. Annie came up from the Best in Show ring with a gorgeous Boxer she had pulled from the classes and I let her go in front of me. She looked down at Pockets, who was an old school Aussie when she was whelped and said "We old girls have to stick together". Pockets lunged at her (and privately got a big reward for that) -- she didn't like being called old!

Anyone else care to share memories of Annie?
Wednesday, October 11th, 2006
10:36 am
Attention Dog Lovers - Dog Auction in Wisconsin
Our club recently received information about a dog-auction that will be taking place THIS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14th. There will be a large number of dog breeds represented. We have confirmed that there will be Bernese Mountain Dogs auctioned as well. As of today, we are aware of 2 females and 2 males (all 3 years of age or older) Bernese Mountain Dogs that will be auctioned.

We need YOUR help!

We are encouraging ALL people to call and/or write the newspaper (Tradin' Post Times) that is advertising this event. And also to show up at the auction itself to protest the selling of companion animals to the highest bidder.

The Indianhead Kennel Club is running an ad opposing dog auctions, but the Tradin' Post (a regional weekly ad flyer) will not allow a counter-ad to be run specifically objecting to another ad they are getting paid for.

You can voice your opposition to this auction ad currently running in the Tradin' Post (see quoted content below) at TPads@core.com or call them at 715-835-5050, they need to hear from you telling them why dog auctions are wrong! There are also phone numbers published in the ad copy below. Also below are links to regional newspapers and TV stations. There is a grassroots groundswell wanting to stop this auction, but it will go on, as there is no law against it.

This is quoted from the "Tradin' Post Buyer's Guide" dated Oct 3-9

"HORST STABLES - Located 3 miles South of Thorp, WI on Hwy M - Ken 715-
559-8232; Leon Horst 715-669-3136 -
DOG AUCTION - Sat. Oct 14th at 12:30 PM -
This sale consists of many top quality breeding stock of many various breeds.
All dogs must have vet health papers and rabies shot. All dogs must be pre- consgned by Friday Oct 6, 2006. Management reserves the right to reject any dog. Catalogs will be available day of sale.
Restaurant open during all sales.
Auctioneer: Kevin Frese, WI #1375 PH 715-669-5586"
Illustrations show an English Setter and a German Shepherd, but I called
715-669-3136 and a "Ruth Horst" told me there were many breeds but was
vague and said I should call back and talk to her husband Leon.
This is to take place at the auction barn about 45 miles from Eau Claire, WI
in an area with a large Amish population.

Regional Newspapers:
Leader-Telegram, Eau Claire, WI:
Pieter Graaskamp

Chippewa Herald - e-mail letters to:

TV Stations:
WEAU - Eau Claire:
(715) 835-1313 and (715) 832-3474
Tipster Line is (715) 839-WEAU (839-9328)

WQOW - Eau Claire:
Tipline (715) 831-1824 or (800) 594-6721
Chuck Roth
Vice President/General Manager

permission given to cross-post

Shop http://TwinCitiesBMD.org/BERNEcessities.html?bb -- the Ways & Means store for the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of the Greater Twin Cities.

Save $5 off order of $20 or more -- Coupon Code: VOWELSPACED

Health and Wellness October 28th -- Sign up now at http://twincitiesbmd.org!
Monday, July 31st, 2006
11:18 am
Bison retires on a high note
We went to Canada this weekend, and Bison took Best of Breed all three shows. He earned three points, but didn't make the cut in group. While this leaves him 7 points shy of his Canadian championship, he won't get an opportunity to snag them.

Bison is now retired from the conformation ring. After 3 1/2 years of showing and 91 trips around the AKC (75), CKC (3), UKC (8), and UCI (5) rings, his career as a pretty boy is over. During his career, he was placed ahead of 95 dogs and 11 bitches in his breed. He earned Best of Breed once in AKC, 3 times in CKC, 8 times in UKC (with 8 group placements -- two group 1s!), and 3 times in UCI. He earned championship titles in UCI, AKC, and UKC, and ranked #1 in breed for UKC in 2005. He'll be ranked #1 again in UKC when the rankings are updated again.

He managed to earn his CD and RE titles, as well as TDI and CGC certifications and two legs towards his U-CD while intact. He may wind up being ranked in the top 5 for AKC Novice A dogs in the breed in all three ranking systems.

We will be trying to finish off the U-CD in October, and may contemplate the CKC CD in September if Bison is not ready for the Novice Draft Dog title.

My favorite trips around the ring with him? Getting to exhibit him as a special at Nationals was great, finishing his AKC Championship was memorable, and the time I showed him stoned is "high" on the list. But that first time around the ring probably is the best of the best.

His return to the conformation ring is slated for 2009 at the BMDCA National Specialty in Oregon. Seems like a LONG time from now. He'll be just too young to show at the BMDCSEW Specialty that year by about a month.

Thank you my good buddy for a great education in showing. You've managed to be first in just about everything.

For now, he's CH U-CH UCICB Southwind TME Purple Majesty CD RE CGC TDI. And many more letters to come!
Sunday, July 16th, 2006
7:24 pm
Show results!
Bison and Orca finally faced off for the title of Best in Household this weekend at the UKC show in Minneapolis. It's a little unfair at this point, since Bison was in the Champion class and is 4 years old and Orca is only 7 months old.

Bison won breed all 4 shows, and added a Group I placement this morning. It was down to him, the lab, and the toy fox terrier for Best in Show & Reserve, but the TFT took Best and the Lab took Reserve (and had taken a Reserve the day before and then took Best in Show in the 4th show).

Good weekend. Both dogs VERY tired.

The grudge match will be served in two weeks in Canada. More even terms...
Friday, June 30th, 2006
5:52 pm
Raising the monster...
I made a casual remark the other day that Bison weighed 77 lbs when he made his show debut at 33 weeks old, and that it was funny that Orca weighed that for his debut (at 27 weeks) and Panda did as well (at 7 1/2 years!).

I just went back and looked at Bison's weight. He didn't weigh 77 lbs at his first show -- he was 66 1/2. He didn't reach 77 lbs until he was around 9 months old.

Orca is projecting out to be 110-115, but I'm a bit frighted what that 9-11 month growth spurt will do to him.... we may have to enter Open classes lest we trample the other pups!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlyrpF-HbKE shows his last B-match. He was MUCH better behaved in the real AKC ring... took Best Puppy the first day, won his class the second day, and was strongly looked at for reserve on his fourth show (nothing like a 4 day show to proof a pup!)
Sunday, May 21st, 2006
11:28 pm
has anyone heard of simdog.net ?

i just started playing the other day and now im addicted! you buy/raise/breed your own dogs and compete in shows with them...they have all sorts of breeds and you can even make your own crossbreeds! just thought id let you know...
Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006
4:11 pm
Help canine rescue
Wanna contribute to canine rescue just by clicking your mouse? Click here and click "YES" on the page the appears.

It just takes a second and helps a worthy cause! (And yes it's free!)

Thanks everyone!!
Tuesday, April 18th, 2006
4:55 pm
Sunday, April 9th, 2006
8:09 pm
dogs from buenos aires
hi dog friends!

i'm pleased to present my dogs collection:


Thursday, April 6th, 2006
10:51 am
Dog News USA
Hi! Does anyone in this community get this publication?

There is an article on Vincent Brennan - an important breeder of Irish Red and White Setters in the current issue and I'd really like to read the piece.

If you have it and are willing to photocopy and mail it to me -- contact me at my profile email addy and I will arrange with you!

Sunday, March 26th, 2006
9:25 am
Does anyone know what kind of dog this is??? I have a Brussels Griffon, and it isn't one of those. click for picCollapse )
Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006
7:41 pm
The Most Expensive Collar you ever bought?

Why of course ..that very first show collar!
How it all began

In the Beginning...
You got your dog, a real show dog, and quickly realized
that you needed the correct collar to show him on.
Which in turn led you to that wonderful buttery smooth
three foot leather lead.
At your very first show, you noticed that you just HAD
to have the proper grooming supplies also.
Slicker Brush $9.00
Comb $10.00
Spray Bottle $4.00
Good Conditioner $15.00
Water Bottle $4.00
Pin Brush $15.00
Bait $10.00
NEW Collar (your dog has now out grown that first one)
Chalk $9.00
Chalk Brush $15.00
Cholesterol $10.00

Bait $10.00
Dog show calendar $12.00-don't wanna miss ANY shows now
By now you're beginning to realize the back seat isn't a
proper way to transport your dog.
Dog Crate for the car $80.00
At your very next show you begin to feel a bit more confident
and relaxed at dog shows
Borrowing and waiting to use your friends grooming table is
so inconvenient.
Grooming Table $95.00
Grooming Arm $50.00
Bait $10.00
You begin to start collecting dog show things, old towels,
skirts with pockets, dresses with pockets,
Good comfortable shoes, rain gear, umbrellas, water jugs,
etc $100.00
Too many grooming supplies?
Tack Box for supplies $50.00
Good comfortable Camp Chairs $35.00-we seem to be spending
much more time at shows lately.
Suddenly you realize all of these items AND your dog don't
fit in the family car anymore.
Used Mini Van $15,000.
Somewhere around this point you get tired of waiting to
use your friends blow dryer.
New blow dryer $150.00
Extension Cord for Dryer $15.00
Five-way plug for sharing electricity with your new dog show
friends $10.00
New and improved dog show collar and lead $40.00
New type of improved Coat Conditioner $15.00
Bait $10.00
Your friends favorite Shampoo and Whitener $35.00
New Comb and Slicker brush $25.00 (you lost the old ones at
the last show)
Scissors $30.00 (kitchen shears just don't trim those pads
Muddy Show grounds..Roll up mat for covering ground $45.00

The hunt for majors begins.
After wasting much money on entries where majors didn't hold
you begin to get frustrated and search out and find that
new male show puppy and a perfect match for your female!
Crate for new dog $80.00
Show collar and lead for new dog $50.00 (your tastes have
been refined now)
Handling classes for new dog $40.00
The very first show teaches you, your Mini Van will not
carry both crates and all your equipment.
Brand New Larger Mini Van $25,000.00
Now having two dogs to show and get ready quickly teaches
you a generator is required! Generator $325.00
Two Dog Kennels for outside $1,000.00
Just gotta pick up one of those majors on your female
Handler for those major shows $200.00 (+/-)

Your new male is too young to breed.
Updating & Health Clearances on Female $200.00
Stud Fee $1,000.00
Progesterone Testing $200.00
Whelping box $250.00
Vet bills-x-rays, sonograms, well mother checks $400.00
Putting first aid whelping kit together $300.00
Vaccines for new litter $150.00
X-pen for puppies $80.00
Whelping pads, fleeces, toys for puppies, weaning supplies,
etc $450.00
Baby Scale $45.00
Well puppy and mother exams $150.00
Spectacular puppy in litter will be new show dog.
Immediately realize Mini Van will NOT hold three dogs and
show equipment
Motor Home or Full size dog show van $30, 000 to
You suddenly realize you are eating macaroni and cheese
while your dogs are eating Human Grade Dog food at
$55.00 a bag.

You have now earned the title of "Dog Breeder!"
Aren't you glad you are finally making those big bucks
breeding dogs?
So far you have invested $75,652.00 in showing your two
This figure does NOT include dog food, the initial cost of
your dogs, entry fees, motel bills, general vet bills,
toys and Many other ownership incidentals.
Your litter of pups yielded six puppies, you kept one and
sold the other five for $500.00 each.
Congratulations you just made $2,500.00 Breeding your dogs!

Now if you can just breed 30 or more litters you MAY just
break even with your initial investment of over $75,000!

Author Unknown
Tuesday, March 21st, 2006
1:50 pm
Dog Shows Rule!
Hi, Its so neat to find ppl who are intersted in showing dogs too. I been workking and showin dogs for 3 years and it one of the best sports in the world. I own a Tri male papillon, but have shown Eng. and Am. foxhounds, basset hounds, corgis, pointers, labs, huskys, PBGVs, Brittanys, golden retv.,and others. I love all dog including mutts I own 2, but my 2 Favs. r the papillon and the Eng. foxhounds.

Current Mood: excited
Sunday, March 5th, 2006
9:02 am
Pictures from yesterday's show

I don't show dogs, but I own a shih tzu and toy poodle. More show pictures are at my flick site. I took toy poodle, bichon frise, french buldog and other breed pictures.
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